Tote of the Day: Better is Beautiful! 

The floral fantasy Tote of the Day: Better is Beautiful!Tote Note: A colorful collection of delightful Daisies brighten this tote. Vibrant yellows and a spark of fuchsia are a delight to the eye of any beholder. Bold and energetic this tote puts a Spring in the step and brings cheerful smiles wherever it goes!

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Tote of the Day: Burtsting with color

The Floral Fantasty Tote of the Day is Bursting with Color.

Tote Note: A vibrant floral firework makes this tote leave a lasting impression! The purple shades with white-edged tips produce an energetic display which will work for those who like to get up and go!

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Tote of the Day: Gerbera on Black

The Tote of the Day is Gerbera on Black!


Tote Note: Gerbera daisies stand for cheerfulness. This vibrant orange color connects with extroverts and is striking against the black water droplets. Definitely for the bold and not bashful.

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