Tote of the day: Gathering of Zinnias

The Floral Fantasy Tote of the Day is : Gathering of Zinnias.

Tote Note: A fresh and lively look to brighten a trendy ensemble. Deep greens with a splash of pink are contrasting colors that exude a love of living and a free spirit. Perfect for the nature lover with a sense of fashion.

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Tote of the day: Fuchsias in Bloom

The floral fantasy tote of the day is “Fuchsias in Bloom”.

Tote Note: The prettiness of summer shades of fuschia and pink make this tote stand out in a crowd. Striking colors and the delicate elegance  of the blooms reflect a sophisticated individual with an appreciation for eye-catching detail. 

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TOTE OF THE DAY: Bursting Forth

The Floral Fantasy Canvas Tote for Today is Bursting Forth


img_4361 Tote Note: The vibrancy is bursting forth from this fiery Chrysanthemum. The intricate detail of the petals are highlighted by the blending of orange and yellow shades. Symbolizing high energy and warmth and simply raring to go.

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